Disposable Food Trays with Compartments Stock Packaging

Disposable Food Trays with Compartments Stock Packaging

Serves the aerospace, automotive, construction, cosmetics, transportation, electronics, hardware, pharmaceutical, textile, medical, plumbing, restaurant, semiconductor and telecommunications industries. Custom manufacturer of child resistant, perforated and thermoformed packaging trays for candy and food applications. Processes such as bagging, cartoning, heat sealing, kitting, private labeling, shrink wrapping, overwrapping and clean room packaging. Vibration and burst testing services provided. Secondary services such as assembly, tipping, warehousing, distribution, screen printing, bar coding, validation redesigning and electronic article surveillance source tagging are also offered. Providing you the best range of paper food tray with effective & timely delivery.


Custom manufacturer of fiber, foam and paper food trays. Fiber food trays are available in 9 x 7 in. Vendor managed inventory programs and stock items available.

Plastic Square PS Food Tray for Food Pack

We have in our product range sealable tray especially for packaging of vegetables,Fruits and Non veg products. These sealable are made from virgin plastic and are microwaveable. The trays are heavy and steady in terms of Quality.They are available in following sizes. As the economy grows and people’s living standards improve, food and plastic packaging manufacturers are finding more and more reasons to use plastic food packaging. MAP trays are a type of modified atmosphere packaging tray.

Disposable plates which are completely biodegradable, compostable tableware and ultra strong and leakage resistance. This eco friendly disposable plates can be used in theme or birthday parties or in an events. This is completely safe and hygenic catering solution for home and office use only. Paper food trays are sturdy so your customers can walk around with their snacks and dispose of the tray when they finish. Custom manufacturer of trays made from aluminum, wire, tube or sheet metal, mild steel and stainless steel materials.

Try serving your dishes in these food boxes, foil trays, and deli trays to create a unique table display, too. Whatever business you operate, these disposable food trays will make it easy to display or serve food to customers. Some trays come with sophisticated finishes for catered events while others feature compatible lids for safe carrying. Use large trays in your cafeteria, and stock up on small paper or plastic containers for serving nachos and burgers at your food truck. Check out our plastic flatware, paper napkins, and plastic cold cups for additional disposable supplies. Offering you a complete choice of products which include 8 cp plastic disposable food tray, 3 cp disposable plastic meal food tray and 5 cp disposable plastic food meal tray.

Our range of products include 3 compartment disposable meal tray with lid, 5 portion plastic meal trays, disposable lunch box, 2 compartment meal tray with lid, plastic meal tray and disposable meal trays 5 compartment meal tray. @@@@@A disposable food tray is biodegradable, food safe, and eco-friendly to your customers. paper sushi box are biodegradable food safe, and eco-friendly to your customers’ food choices. Some of the disposable food trays are made from paper, plastic, or paper, and are a non-toxic and biodegradable food safe. Some disposable food trays are biodegradable, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Custom direct and pre-print graphic options are available. Secondary services such as design, kitting, and fulfillment are also offered. Serves the technology, food, and agricultural industries. Manufacturer of standard and custom thermoformed trays made from PET, HDPE, PVC, polypropylene and polystyrene. Suitable for medical, electronic, food, automotive, shipping and packaging applications. Project management, on-site, packaging fulfillment, kitting, energy reduction, structural or graphic design and contract packaging services also provided.

Rectangular Blister Meat Fruit Food Packaging Plastic Tray for Sale

For plastic disposable food tray wholesalers, we listen to your needs and offer more environmentally friendly products. Now, please type in “reusable plastic dinner bowl” to start your shopping. Huizhou Yangrui Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd.

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